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Edit by yourself
all contents from your website

Get a Self-administered website at the lower cost.
A self-administered website will allow you to perform the main maintenance tasks your site requires without hiring an expert (and so, without spending a lot of money). Modify, add or delete text and images when you want it from the admin panel.


News and Articles
Easy to publish and edit

If your website has an area for news or articles (digital journal, blog, recepies, etc.), you can publish your writings from the administrator panel. Fill in the form, upload one or more images and go, publish it! Or, if you prefer, save it as a draft and continue writing later. You can also retrieve a deleted article or hide a published article, among other options.

Texts, images
and traslations easy to hand

Discover the comfort of editing texts and images from the admin panel. When you wish, change , e.g., your company's presentation text or your contact information. If your website has a slider, you can replace the images you want from your PC.
If you has buy a multilanguage website, you can handle translations as easily as you do it with other texts.

There are no limits
for all you could manage

The admin system is developed exclusively for your website. Therefore, self-management tools are as many as you require. You can add videos from youtube or vimeo, manage your portfolio, change geographic coordinates on a map, add or modify music tracks, control contact messages, manage blog comments, add or modify products from your store, add popups, and further other options.


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