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Ejemplos de diseño web en Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine universities Web design & development. Branding

A website has been fully designed and developed with related information about universities and university careers in Argentina.

The developed application is complex. It includes the search for universities, careers, degrees, demographic filters, interests, etc. The application also suggests the user with careers and universities related to their search history on the website. Additionally, a simple system was created for user registration that includes Social Auth.

Last, website include a section for articles about university life.

Paradigma Web development

Website development for an important comprehensive consultancy specialized in health.

Based on the design generated by an external designer, the website has been completely developed, which includes the implementation of animations and transitions (all indicated by the designer), and an administrative panel for content management.

Kickbush web design & development

A website has been designed and developed for a real estate broker. Based on the branding provided by the client, it was possible to design a mockup that respects the colors, lines and pre-existing typography. Then, the website was developed from the mockup. The site also has a self-management system to upload properties easily.

Estudio Blend Web Development

Singlepage website for an advertising agency focused on branding and packaging for wineries, olive growers and entrepreneurs.

Our work has focused on the development of the website based on the design carried out by an external graphic designer. The site has an administrative panel from where you can make text modifications and keep the agency's portfolio updated.

Tango Grand Bourg Web design, branding and digital edition

Institutional website for Tango Grand Bourg dance company . For design, it has expressly requested the marriage between the traditional and modern tango. To do this, we have tried to reinterpret the tango iconographic material. It has been also important a appropriate color palette where prevail dark colors and gold.

Digital photo editing was included in this work.

Navigation uses AJAX, allowing automatic and cyclical music playback.

Currently, it is waiting translation into English and French.

Energias inteligentes Web design, branding and digital edition

Institutional & commercial website for Energias Inteligentes, a company that provides products for sustainable energy.

The site has a classified list of products and services, online sales system, and a news section. Its growth has accompanied the evolution of the company. The most recent expansion has included the addition of an interactive map of distributors.

The site has a system administrator.

As for the design, we have been explored lines, shapes and a color palette appropriate to the company activity. It has also devoted great efforts in creating a set of original icons and images for each product.

Archive: AE Web Solutions Design, development, animations

This is the animated version of our website. It a is an experimental website. Here, you can find javascript animations and handmade and digital illustrations.

Perhaps one of our greatest visual accomplishments has been the ascent to the "starry sky". We have picked some CSS gradients and transparences in order to make a gradual darkening of illustrations.

We used a varied palette of colors, with blue as the main color. As for the fonts, it has chosen a handmade and sans-serif ones.

Sitio web animado - AE Soluciones Web

The site had two versions, one in Spanish and one in English. Currently you can only visit the Spanish version by entering the following link: Archivo - AE Web Solutions


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